North and East Scottsdale Real Estate Market

A most innovative North Scottsdale resort community is Troon North. Gorgeous homes in varying styles can be seen here. Troon North is truly the most northern place in Scottsdale. Its hilly region gives way to breathtaking views that ignite the imagination. Community facilities included professionally inspired golf courses and first-rate tennis.

Resort living is at its peak at the Boulders Resort Community in North Scottsdale. The community espouses natural enigmatic protrusions of fascinating form that surround this legendary property. The Boulders Community’s development contains some of the most impressive single-family dwellings that seem to blend right into the rocky landscape.

An East Scottsdale community, DC Ranch possesses the Market Street District, inspiring a sense of community. Here the best of yesteryear meets contemporary society’s needs and desires.

In the center of the community, the sociable Market Street District sits with its banks, grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants. contemporary residential architects London Surrounding the Market Street are meticulously planned neighborhoods with luscious and inviting parks. Beyond these neighborhoods are golf courses and foothill properties. It doesn’t matter that this location is a bit away from the city’s center; the community is self-contained.

These communities and many others are just a sampling of the kind of pleasurable living that can be experienced in the mountainous, often rustic, but always picturesque, Scottsdale.

Commercially Speaking

Located near newly designed and pre-designed residential developments are plenty of commercial sites, themselves new or in the planning stage. Retail shopping centers occupy about every street corner in North and East Scottsdale. Restaurants and movie theatres accompany these shops.

The new residential communities do not sit and wait patiently for stores to come their way. The commercial developments are planned right along with the residential communities themselves. Immediately, residents experience a community within a community.

Growth and Expansion

Historically, Scottsdale has been known as a resort community; however, over the past ten years, a new professional and service based economy is emerging. With this new type of economy is an ever-increasing desire for office space. Since 1999, North Scottsdale has seen 4.1 million square feet of office space added to the area.

Specifically the Scottsdale Airpark area in North Scottsdale is exploding and is known to be following the motto, “if growing out is not longer the option, growing upward is!” The obvious attraction for the illustrious executive–a handy airport. The 101 Freeway is also easily accessible from the Airpark.

Investment opportunities in North and East Scottsdale are vast. Since retail and office space are sure to follow residential growth, savvy investors in commercial ventures are in their prime. The smart investor knows that individuals now desire to work closer to their homes, while still enjoying a tight-knit community.

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