How to Clean Glass With No Streaks and a Perfect Shine!

Having streak free windows, mirrors and glass throughout your home is a phenomenal experience. Nothing can be more annoying than seeing fingerprints on sliding glass doors and after cleaning them away being left with streaks! All glass can be cleaned well if done the right way. Learning how to clean glass and using the proper products can help you have fantastic looking glass each time.

The best way to prevent streaks on any glass is to make sure to dry it as quick as possible. The longer your solution sits the higher chance you’ll have of leaving streaks. This is also why cleaning in direct sunlight is not suggested as it helps dry glass faster leaving behind streaks. Cleaning in the sun can be your worst culprit for streaks. Likewise using the proper cloth towel to dry can make a very big difference.

Typically cotton wash cloths aren’t as efficient as a micro-fiber cloth will be. If you ever watch window washers you’ll notice they don’t use rags at all. Typically window washers will use special disposable towels, surgical cloths or newspaper which cleans great. best glass cleaner Wash cloths unfortunately will streak and spread dirt. Newspaper is fantastic and leaves a really nice shine. Micro-fiber mitts that fit over your hand are extremely beneficial when cleaning glass also and will trap more dirt.

The least expensive solution to use for glass cleaning is soap and water. Simply fill a bottle with water and a few squirts of liquid soap detergent. For additional strength and shine add some rubbing alcohol in the mix. Aerosol glass cleaners also tend to work very well. Aerosol glass cleaners often contain oil cutting detergents that break down the dirt and are streak free. Auto shops use them all the time to clean windows rapidly and professionally. Leave an aerosol can and microfiber mitt near your sliding glass doors, mirrors or in your car for quick streak free cleaning.

In summary streaks can be prevented. There is no magically solution necessary for the perfect appearance. Proper tools and time of day will assist in a streak free home.

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