All About DirectX

DirectX is a valuable piece of software that makes it possible to use and display the complex multimedia functions and computer graphics. By using the versatile set of tools offered by DirectX it is possible for the computer programmer to create the more striking graphic elements and video games. Also, this software includes the further option of being able to help facilitate the use of multimedia.


DirectX is an Application Programming Interface (API) that is designed to work with the multimedia related features of the PC, including the graphic and programming aspects of video games. By using this software, it is possible to make it easier for a series of software directx 12 download programs to interact much more efficiently with each other.


DirectX is now on the eleventh generation (DirectX 11) of this software tool and is split into a variety of components that work in unison to create the perfect tool for video and graphic applications. Direct2D and DirectDraw are used in applications that require drawings in 2D graphics. Also, Direct3D is included and helps create the visually stunning 3D graphics. DirectCompute components help with handling the CPU and GPU. DirectWrite helps to manage the more exciting on-screen fonts. DirectMusic helps to record and play the wide-ranging sound effects and background music. DirectPlay helps with managing communication that is meant to travel over the wireless or local-area networks. Also, there is DirectInput that is designed to connect with a variety of interface devices, including the keyboard and mouse.

DirectX Media and Objects

Beyond the series of APIs offered by DirectX, this software program also includes DirectX Media which is a further compilation of components to help create the high-end graphical applications. Direct3D is available to help create the visually exciting 3D graphics. DirectX Transform is able to help transform certain online interactivity into graphical elements. DirectShow can help with fast and interference free playback and streaming of multimedia applications. Also, DirectAnimation is highly effective at simplifying the process of building the web-based animation in both 2D and 3D.


DirectX was originally designed and created with the intention of making game design easier for programmers. DirectX first appeared on the market in 1995 to help compensate for limitations in the Windows 95 OS that made it difficult for programmers to work with sound devices, keyboards, mice, etc. By removing the issues that restricted access to certain components, the Windows OS has become a more attractive environment for game developers to create the high-quality infrastructure and graphics.

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